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Ben Barnwell
First time seeing Maranda. Best massage of my life! I have had massages many times from fancy spas to living rooms in a house. This topped them all. Maranda knows what she is doing and it shows! Very professional. Will definitely be going back.

Kelly Vaderlaan
Having many experiences with massage therapy Maranda is in the top 5 therapists I've ever seen! (And seen well over 100) she goes the extra mile to make sure she's getting to the root of your problem and not just rushing l you through your massage! Also medi cupping say what?! AMAZING we are currently healing injuries that have resurfaced from years ago! Must try! Hands down!

Jennifer Van Singel, 2017
I have been seeing Maranda with Vitality by Massage & Health Coaching for several years. Her massage work is unparalleled. She was able to remove knots in my shoulders that I had for years and no other massage therapist could heal.

More recently I have seen her for KT taping of a foot injury and for cupping to promote healing from a surgery and remove toxins from my body. Additional I have sought her advise and knowledge on many health related issues, including diet, stretching, and exercise.
She is dedicated to promoting wellness in her clients and truly cares about their success. Anyone who gives any of the services from Vitality by Massage a try, we definitely become a client for life.

Ashley Goodale, 2017
It took me a long time to find someone to help ease the pain I had in my lower back. I was seeing specialists that wanted to put me on different medications or just do surgery. I was unable to stand for long periods of time or walk long distances due to the pain. I started going to Maranda for massages and now the pain has pretty much disappeared. I do not have to take medications to ease the pain and I am no longer going to the specialist.

Maranda has become an important person in my life. She is always looking to improve my health and is always willing to listen. She truly cares for her clients and it shows. She has many clients that are her regular clients for a reason. She knows what she's doing and she is always willing to improve your quality of life. She comes highly recommended!

Jenny Duhm
Before going to Maranda, I tried a handful of things for what I thought was tendinitis. It wasn't until going to her that I started to have some hope!
I was getting extremely discouraged, thinking I would have limited use of my arm for the rest of my life and that it would just always hurt. The issues were a lot deeper than what I thought was just my wrist and arm, she knew that it went into my shoulder and she massaged the exact spots that needed it, I could feel it!!! She encouraged me to listen to my body and not push myself too much, and thanks to all of that, I 'graduated' today smile emoticon
Maranda is very talented in massage and also cares about me as a person and goes beyond just 1/2 hour massages every other week, she gives me suggestions of what I could do to help my arm along with other health suggestions. I actively recommend many people to get a massage from Maranda, and I would recommend you to also!!!

Noelle F
Maranda Boes-Horvath is AMAZING!!! If you need a massage to relax, heal an injury, recoup from sports outing, regular healthy routine - WHATEVER - call or FB message her. GREAT SMALL BUSINESS Vitality by Massage!

Jennifer V.
Best massages ever! Maranda knows how to eliminate those pesky muscle knots and bring complete relief! She is personal, yet professional, and works with your schedule to get you in, even for those last minute emergency appointments!

Dana Binder
Maranda is great! She's great at what she does but also very aware of the body/aches and pains and offers great relief and suggestions.

Audrey Rose
LOVE! I must say the last year of my life has been saved by this phenomenal woman! I would be an emotion broken knotted mess if it wasn't for all your hard work!

Jennifer B.
Thank you so much Maranda! My muscles were screaming at me after the marathon. I feel do much better. Thank you

Ellie K
Maranda is incredible. She is very professional and amazing at what she does. If I have any pain in my neck or back, it is always gone after going to see her. I always look forward to my next appointment!”

"Maranda is an excellent massage therapist that exhibits consistent, knowledgeable massage therapy time & time again. I have never been unsatisfied with her work ethic or care for my needs. I have fibromyalgia with additional joint issues & she has kept me moving for years! Without her deep tissue therapy I may be in a disabled position today! I recommend her to any one that wants to feel better physically. She also truly cares about peoples health & wants to heal with massage!"

Service Category: Massage Therapist - Grand Rapids
Year first hired: 2010 (hired more than once)
Top Qualities: Expert, Good Value, High Integrity

David S.
"I have a hard time with the word "expert", but this is an exception. Maranda is a over-all expert in her field. She understand her science to such a high level that not only will one get a great massage but she will share with you how your body functions properly and how to achieve maximum fitness and fantastic health. It is amazing to what high level her knowledge is. Listen to her, she not only talks the talk but walks the walk! So rare these days! So, go learn from her, selfishly enjoy the massage and walk away with information that will help a better you!"

Service Category: Massage
Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Sue R.
I have been trying to manage migraines my entire life, I am 45 years old and found a chiropractor that helped stop the migraines for quite a while. I was still taking medication at the onset - but it didn't always work, and then my insurance would no longer cover the medicine. So I stopped taking anything by Advil for them and suffered sometimes for days on end with the debilitation that these bring to me.
It was suggested to me to go see Miranda at Vitality by Massage about 6-9 months ago. I have been going to see her since. She has me at a point where with the massage not only do I relax and enjoy the "pain" she gives me, but she has helped me immensey with migraines. Not until I had an accident and broke my back (still recovering) did I realize how well a massage can calm your soul as well as your body.
I would recommend Vitality by Massage and Miranda to anyone that is looking for a great massage as well as a great friend. She has been a godsend for me, and as soon as I am released from my current health situation will resume my weekly or bi-weekly massages. They are the BEST!

Karen A.
Maranda is professional, compassionate, and caring.  She listens and tailors the massage to your individual needs and wants.  Maranda has a unique ability to create a relaxing experience for both your mind and body.

Mark S.

“My massage tonight was totally awesome! Very relaxing and comfortable! Thanks so much and can’t wait to return. I recommend this for anybody with lower back pain and muscle aches! :)”

LeeAnn K.
"The massage I received was totally amazing and the whole next week I felt great! I was wanting my shoulders to be the main focus but it ended up my lower back needed more attention and afterward I felt so much better. Thank You and I can't wait to book another appointment!"

Martha W.
"Maranda is a wonderful massage therapist. She listens to your concerns and focuses on your body's needs. It is a joy working with her!"

“Dear Maranda,
I am so thrilled to be a client of yours and to send this note of endorsement. My wife first introduced me to massage therapy almost 20 years ago - I have enjoyed it ever since.  But not until we moved here to Grand Rapids two and a half years ago and found you, have I fully appreciated it's value toward my health and fitness.  You are without doubt the most professional and effective massage therapist my wife and I have ever known. I so appreciate your deep tissue technique and relish it's effects on my often over stressed body.  Further, I continue to be impressed with your hard work ethic and cordiality in which you conduct your business. I am looking forward to being a client of yours as long as you are in the business.”
Deeply appreciative,
Mike Baynai
John Knox Presbyterian Church
Grand Rapids, Mi

Denise Hill

I love it Maranda! I'm so happy that u are pursuing your dreams. You deserve it, You're the best massage therapist I have ever had. I won't ever forget the day u knew u were right and my doctor was wrong. So u took a permanent marker to my back lol.

Linda C.
What can I say about Maranda Boes/Horvath? First of all she is the best & most knowledgeable massage therapist I have ever had the pleasure of meeting ! She has work ethic like no other with a true concern for her clients health & wellbeing. I would and have recommended her to many people that are looking for a massage therapist. She has the ability to seek out problem areas with her clientele, even if they are not aware of the problem area. There has been many times when I have gone to her thinking I'm not doing to bad this week & surprise, surprise...she found spots that were going to be a huge problem in a matter of days if they were not dealt with, if you know what I mean.  She can always tell, that is how knowledgeable she is. She makes me laugh when she starts saying. " Girl!!!! What have you been doing???"  
An Awesome Person, Massage Therapist & Friend, that I would recommend to anyone! Call & make an appointment with her today! You will not regret it!