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  • Maranda Horvath, LMT, ACE Certified Health Coach & Fitness Nutrition Specialist
  • Certified health coach through the American Council on Exercise
  • Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist through American Council on Exercise

- ACE is internationally recognized as one of the top fitness organizations in the world
- The ACE health coach certification is the only health coach certification accredited by the NCCA (National Commission for Certifying Agencies)


Hello Everyone :) If you are looking at this page, I am sure you’re just about ready to make a big step in improving your health and fitness through changes in your day to day lifestyle. If that’s the case, then you came to the right place! My name is Maranda Horvath and I became a Certified Health Coach through ACE, one of the only health coach courses that is NCCA accredited, in March 2015. After many years of having my own health and lifestyle struggles, I came to a point when I was sick and tired of being overweight, sick, in pain, and tired! I was taking a pill to mask pains and “depression” that I later found out was simply because of the food I was eating every single day, and lack of exercise. After talking to a several different doctors I decided one day that I had to be proactive with my own health - and that’s when my crazy health and wellness addictions began.

I began by completely gutting my kitchen, buying into the at home DVD’s for work out videos, and ALMOST buying into the shake fads. I did, however, notice that the workouts, even only 20 - 30 minutes a day, were “curing” my “depression”. Soon, however, that became not enough.

With the growing rates of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease for people both young and old, nutrition and lifestyle choices are becoming more crucial now then ever before! Health Coaches are on a mission to help with the prevention of those chronic diseases. I can provide you with the tools I’ve learned to increase your energy levels, improve your sleeping habits, reduce your sugar addictions, decrease stress (which is the number 1 silent killer), and get you back to living a fun and more fulfilling life once again!

Through diet, exercise, motivation, accountability, and education, I will help get you on the path I was once on before I began teaching it :) I’ve been there - done that and want to help other’s move on as well.

Hiring a coach is an investment in yourself.  And you are absolutely worth it.

Ever get so focused on caring for other’s needs, or gotten caught up in the day to day madness of “just get it done” mode, that we stop carving time out to care for our own mind/body/and soul? It’s a well-known fact that we blur the line between relaxation and just numbing ourselves, not to mention the line between caring for others and simply following routine behaviors. When will it ever end? At what point do you throw your hands up in the air and surrender? Don’t understand what I’m saying? Stop and watch people a moment. Do they look as if they are doing something they love to do, or are they like most people wandering around about blank-faced just “getting life done”? If you’re like most people, those habits that have been created have also birthed a mind, body, and health profile that you are not happy with.

The sad fact is that a good majority of women, and men (yes men to) don’t like what they see in a mirror. Maybe you remember a person much more vibrant than you are present day. If you don’t like what you see on the outside, chances are you aren’t pleased with the inside changes either. Do yourself a favor, don’t be judgmental because you are not alone. Understand that what you are looking at is simply a snapshot that can be changed. This current picture does not tell an entire story, and it certainly doesn’t advertise the end. Time to allow yourself to know that you are MORE THAN THIS, and now decide where to go from here...

People always want to know the how? “What really works”? People ask this question for different all sorts of reasons:

  • They have tried, failed, and are frustrated because they haven’t reached their goals.
  • Some become confused and often overwhelmed with the never-ending conflicting opinions that become harder and harder to identify especially since social media was born.
  • People become impatient with trial and error processes.
  • The majority don’t have the time or knowledge to distinguish true from false in this multi-billion dollar industry of the “skinny” dream.

So where are people seeking the “answers”:

  • A pill, patch, cream.
  • A nutritional supplement that claims it will transform your body without exercise, nutrition, or lifestyle changes.
  • But WAIT THERE’s MORE... the forgotten exercise that will somehow burn fat, tone your body, AND build muscle as you simply sleep 8 - 10 hours.
  • Or, what about the miracle food that was found in a forest somewhere that for hundreds of dollars will be a cure all for obesity, diabetes, cancer, IBD, measles etc etc

Well, now that you’re through reading that and hearing my intended sarcasm, you should know the answer is NONE of the above. I’ve been through this process. I’ve tried many of things. I can tell you it takes effort - commitment - exercise - eating right - changing your current mind set - and yes, sometimes supplements to help your body through the process. Then again, maybe you already have this knowledge. Maybe just the fact that you “get it”, doesn’t mean it’s enough. Have you ever thought to yourself, or told someone you know, “I know what to do, I just can not seem to get myself to do it”! Whether you think you know, or you have NO idea, all I need from you is to REALLY 100% WANT THE CHANGE! If that sounds like you, and you’re ready to change some habits in your life, then you are at the right spot. The right client for me is HUNGRY (no pun intended) for a lifestyle change. READY to get rid of excess weight. READY to kick diabetes. READY to train for something in the near future. Getting my drift? The being READY part is all up to YOU.

**This is what I offer to you when we work together:

  • The support of a coach, health professional, massage therapist, and exercise trainer that is dedicated to her own fitness and health.
  • Support and accountability to keep you motivated and moving forward towards your personal goals by tracking your results, changing routines as needed, and keeping you consistent.
  • A food, exercise, and lifestyle coaching program that will be tailored to your needs.
  • On-going Email support
  • Someone to bounce ideas off from, to keep you thinking. I want to make you self efficient - that is my goal!

All that said, here are some things you will not get from me:

  • An insane, unmanageable diet to follow (I am not looking to coach physique models)
  • Teaching you that food is an enemy. Food means different things to everyone - I am here to teach you strategies about changing some things that are not working in your current diet.
  • There will be no fake can foods, frozen daily meals.
  • No tracking calories or measuring your food on a scale (unless deemed necessary by your doctor or a registered dietician).
  • No false promises about unattainable goals.

I am a no BS coach. I will be honest and straightforward in my approach to helping you create a healthier lifestyle, and the best version of YOU. I’m not in to tricking or starving your body. I am a foodie! I love food, and can’t imagine why someone would teach anyone to deprive themselves! There is simply no healthy alternative to healthy eating habits, regular exercise, and having a healthy mind-set. One must find their purpose in that lifestyle, find what suits them, and begin building a life on that foundation with no side-effects, no need for FDA approvals, no questionable sciences, and absolutely NO celebrity endorsements. My intention is to teach you the habits that will serve you for a lifetime!

“Give a man a fish - he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish, and he will eat for his lifetime”!

Health Coach Video 3.0 copy from maranda horvath on Vimeo.

Are YOU ready to begin your Journey?