VITALITY By Massage & Health Coaching

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Massage Therapy:

“Don’t Feel ENVY About Your Massage - Learn what makes VITALITY by Massage better than the big spa chains!”

VITALITY by Massage has the goal of becoming a part of Grand Rapids industry’s best. My objective is to serve patient’s with the desire to be pro-active in their health and well-being. In order to achieve this goal, I have made it my priority to provide excellent patient care. As a result of my quality of service, and devotion - I have the opportunity to serve many repeat patients who are interested in living a higher quality of life.

Now offering MediCupping Vacutherapy!

Health Coaching:

It's rare for anyone to get an hour to work on their nutrition and goals with a trained professional. As a Certified Health Coach, I will create a supportive environment for you to achieve all of your health and wellness goals.

Most approaches to nutrition seem to dwell on calories, carbs, fats proteins and all the boring stuff. Instead of creating a "diet" of restrictions, I will coach you in creating life that is happy, healthy, balanced, flexible, fun, and best of all, free of denial and complete restrictive "discipline".

That being said, no one "diet" will work for everyone. I am not into following a "fast-food" guide that is the same exact plan for every client of mine. Same as my approach on massage therapy - every one is different, and that is why these programs will be tailored to you as an individual. I will also help you to make gradual, lifelong changes that enable you to reach YOUR current and future goals.

Could one conversation change your life?
Contact me to find out.

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